We cover development for
Design, marketing & it-agencyes.
We cover development
for Design, marketing & it-agencyes.
Development team at Ukrainian price.
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We are going somewhere
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A&T. team

10+awwards and nomenees

We abandoned our design department and B2C model. We sent all the energy to our forte - website development. Now we flawlessly implement design layouts for those who do not have their own devs ( design, marketing & IT-agencyes ).


To show you that outsource services may be better than the salaried staff

Our principles

We believe a satisfied customer is at the center of a successful company.

Cooperation is not a contraceptive. It should be long-term, not disposable.


A successful business is built on a long-term partnership and trust. We do our best to please your customers, doing each project for ourselves so that you would be satisfied and return to us again and again.

The strength of a team is measured by its weakest member.

We'll never take Junior on the team again.


One SENIOR delivers a project 5-8 times faster and of higher quality than a JUNIOR. An experienced developer earns the trust of clients. He prevents losing extracted and carried in blood and sweat through the years clients.

About A&T

A&T is about a win-win partnership. 90% of ours clients are regular. 9 top specialists. We bear itining our missionias from 2020 and we are not going to stop.

Of regular clients.
Proficient specialists.
We have been unsoppable since:
Wanna your business wants to grow stronger with us?
Tim, CEO
Alina, Business developer

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